Helpful New Student Links

If you’re a new student to the Human Factors (HF) engineering program, welcome! We’re thrilled that you’ve joined us, and we’re excited to see you in class and collaborate with you on future research.

The amount of information for new students can seem overwhelming, so we have compiled a number of links to useful webpages and documents. Please have a look through these resources if you have questions about the program, the department, or the profession.

SUNY Buffalo Resources

The departmental webpage for the Human Factors program, which includes a brief overview of the program and course requirements for MS and PhD students.

The list of standard courses offered within Industrial and Systems Engineering, along with their descriptions. Note that these courses cover the entire department, which includes the Human Factors, Operations Research, and Production Systems areas of study.

The graduate student policies and procedures handbook, which lays out the requirements to maintain good standing with the school while studying at UB. Those with questions about school policies should consider this resource, which is both searchable and organized by subject.

Additional Resources

The HFES national organization website. Visit this to learn more about the profession, join HFES, and read about the various technical groups that are open for membership.

This list is being continuously updated, so check back frequently to see what’s new!